Multi-faith devotional services

The Centre’s unique brand of multi-faith devotional services having been running since 1994, aiming to cater for those inclined towards Bhakti Yoga. For the last decade they have taken place at 50 Gloucester Place quarterly on a Saturday: however, they have now reached their sell-by date and the service on 8th February was the last of the series.

Attendance has been declining for the last few years, to the point where we are no longer able to offer an acceptable public presentation. This has been caused partly by a clear shift away from Bhakti towards Jnana Yoga (which has also been reflected in the meditation courses), and partly through the popularity of Friday’s OM Healing sessions which have now grown to eclipse all else on the weekends. Although a trickle of new people still do come to the devotional services, the number of regulars, on whom the quality of the service depends, has plummeted. 

However, that does not mean no more devotional activities in the Dhyana Centre. I have always made a point of adapting the DC to whatever its participants need, and I shall continue to do so. If there is a demand for devotional services, I will respond but these will be private not public events, whether hosted at 50 Gloucester Place or in someone’s home, and they will be in addition to the DC’s advertised weekly programme ie. not in lieu of the well-established Saturday meditation class.

Please feel free to email me if you want to express a view on this. For me personally, there is no sadness but a sense of inevitability at the end of this 26 year epic, but I fully appreciate that some DC members have fond memories of these sessions going back to the 90’s. 

All the Centre’s prayers, chants and bhajans are still available here.

Alan Perry