Last updated: 14th May 2021

To book for a meditation session at 50 Gloucester Place (maximum of 10 places), click on the date link in the relevant table below; this will automatically create an email booking request specific to that session, there is no need to add any text (insert your surname if a Subject line is required).

Your booking emails will be acknowledged and I will also list you in the tables below (as well as being password-protected, this page is not being indexed by Google). If you subsequently need to cancel, please email me.

Alan Perry


In order to comply both with Government guidelines and TS policy, Dhyana Centre bookings are offered under the following conditions:

1. that you are in good overall health, free from any symptoms and not currently classified as vulnerable;
2. that you accept the residual risks that are inevitably associated with any public meetings at present; and
3. that you agree to comply with the following precautions to ensure a Covid-19 secure venue at 50 Gloucester Place:-

Symptoms:  it goes without saying that those with any symptoms will not be allowed to participate, nor those shielding or especially vulnerable (a non-contact thermometer will be available on site but temperatures will not be measured by routine).

Attendees: open to existing DC members and associates only ie. those already registered, not to newcomers. Details of participants will be retained for 4 weeks in case of any subsequent contact-tracing requirement. 

Booking:  all places must be booked online in advance. 

Distancing & numbers:  required social distancing will be ‘one metre plus’, two metres where conditions allow: to ensure this, meetings will be limited to 10 persons.

Face coverings:  all attendees must wear face masks on arrival and while moving about inside the building if social distancing may be compromised. Once appropriately seated in the Lecture Room, face masks can be removed.

Hand sanitiser:  to be applied on arrival as a condition of entry to the building, and ideally on exit and at any other appropriate time.

Type & duration:  silent meditation only, not OM Healing chant. Sessions will be reduced from the usual two hours to one and a half.

Ground floor: attendees will be restricted to the ground floor of the building, which is self-contained. The water dispenser in the Members Room will be available but there will be no access to tea/coffee in the kitchenette.

Reception:  50 Gloucester Place will not be open to the public so there will be no TS receptionist or book shop facilities (as distinct from the DC’s own lending library which will be available). The DC will be responsible for its own access control and stewarding.

Ventilation:  the Lecture Room can become unhealthily stuffy so will be ventilated before and after use by opening the rear windows and doors, and using a fan if necessary.

Cleaning:   localised disinfection will be undertaken by TS staff after each meeting.

Reporting:   anyone who subsequently develops symptoms after attending a DC meeting must report that fact to Alan Perry as soon as practicable.