Due to the present Coronavirus pandemic, all Centre sessions have temporarily ceased with the exception of online video meetings

During this lockdown period, regular video meetings on Zoom are being hosted by Alan Perry, open to all Centre members, associates and registered students. These meetings are not intended as teaching sessions but involve a spiritual reading followed by a discussion period for about one hour. Nor do they involve actual meditation which participants are encouraged to do privately.

The details of these Zoom meetings are circulated by email to all subscribers but are redacted from the monthly Newsletter published on this website for security reasons. Any non-subscriber wishing to participate in these video chats should contact the Centre by email.


[The following was sent by email to all Dhyana Centre subscribers, whether members, associates, visitors or enquirers, on Friday 20th March 2020]

Dear friends,

The decision whether to go ahead with tonight’s session has been a difficult one in light of the fast-evolving situation. One of the factors to consider has been the relative pros and cons of the type of spiritual activity intended: any form of singing or chanting involves the forcible expulsion of breath and the germs that inevitably go with it, and with a large public group in a confined space this is a significant issue.

What was trivial and acceptable in past weeks must now be considered an unnecessary hazard and I have therefore decided that OM Healing cannot go ahead tonight for that reason.

However I feel that silent meditation in a small group is permissible (although even that, only as a final fling…).

So the session tonight will go ahead from 7pm – 9pm, with two 45 minute periods of meditation and the usual break at 8pm. This will be open to all DC registered members/students but not to newcomers or members of the public.

This will be the last DC session for the foreseeable future: I hope that not only will we all use this unique opportunity to spend more time in meditation at home, but also use it to re-evaluate what we consider as important in our lives as the traditional paradigms start cracking at the seams.

I shall be in touch by email on a monthly basis (the subscribers list will remain as it is now unless you choose to unsubscribe) and I look forward to bump-starting the Centre again when circumstances allow. Please feel free to email me at any time if you have queries or just want to keep in touch and I can set up video chat (Skype/FaceTime) if required.

Best wishes,

Alan Perry (Centre Director)


[This was sent by email to all Dhyana Centre subscribers, whether members, associates, visitors or enquirers, on Sunday, 15th March 2020]

Dear friends,

The Board of Trustees of the Theosophical Society have now decided to cancel all activities and to close 50 Gloucester Place after Friday 20th March. This closure is indefinite but will be reviewed monthly. This means that all Dhyana Centre sessions will cease after this Friday evening’s ‘Meditation & OM Healing’.

I am sure this comes as no surprise to most of you; the TS is simply following Government guidelines and we must all recognise the need to do what we can to reduce the public health risk.

Can I address certain specific issues:

  • This week: the sessions currently planned for Tuesday 17th (beginners’ class 7pm) and Friday 20th (meditation 7pm & OM Healing 8.10pm) will go ahead as normal. Feel free to attend, no booking is required.
  • Sunday courses: all currently planned courses have been cancelled including the Part 2 this Sunday 22nd March. Those who have booked for any course will be kept on the database and the email distribution list (please unsubscribe if you do not want this); when the Centre gets up and running again, I will email round and give you the opportunity to re-book with a new schedule of courses.
  • Easter retreat: this cancellation includes our Easter Sunday meditation retreat. I do not think it is appropriate at the moment to seek an alternative venue, whether public or private.
  • Monthly programme: normally sent out on the 25th of each month, this will be replaced by a monthly update after each review by the TS Board. Details can always be seen on the ‘Programme Update’ section of the website at www.dhyanacentre.org.

This closure may be an unwelcome shock to those of you who are used to the DC being open 52 weeks of the year as an oasis in central London but I hope we can all use this opportunity to spend more time in meditation at home. I guarantee that the DC website will be kept up to date and if you have any queries either now or in the weeks to come, please feel free to email me.

Good health and good wishes to all,

Alan Perry (Centre Director)


[This was sent by email to all Dhyana Centre subscribers, whether members, associates, visitors or enquirers, on Sunday, 8 March 2020]

None of us knows how this current Coronavirus epidemic will develop and so, like all public meeting groups and places, it is incumbent on the Centre to assess the risks as best we can and try to plan accordingly. We have no intention of over-reacting; our basic philosophy is to carry on as normal for as long as we can, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. 

50 Gloucester Place: we ask all attendees to pay more attention than usual to their personal hygiene and, when at 50 GP, to use the hand sanitiser that has been installed in the Reception area. Our hosts, the Theosophical Society, are making all appropriate efforts to ensure cleanliness and sterilisation around the building.

OM Healing: it goes without saying that anyone with symptoms should self-isolate and not attend the Centre. Those seeking healing are welcome to email me and their names will be included in the ‘absent healing’ list.

Sunday courses: the currently listed Joy of Meditation workshops will continue as planned; should there be any necessity to make changes, all those booking will be notified by email.

Cancellations: if the situation deteriorates to the point that the Centre has to cancel public events,

1. I will send an email to that effect to everyone registered with the Centre;

2. A notification will appear on the DC website www.dhyanacentre.org; this will appear as an alert in the ‘Programme Update’ in the sidebar at the top right of every page of the website (smartphone users will see it immediately under each page). An amplification will then appear here, on this dedicated Coronavirus page.

From now on, it would be prudent to check the DC website before attending any session (and please remember to refresh your browser when doing so, otherwise you may simply load an outdated page from your browser cache). I guarantee that the website will always be up to date.

Alan Perry (Centre Director)