The Dhyana Centre is a self-governing branch of the Theosophical Society in England (registered charity number no. 1167737) and operates in accordance with the latter’s general rules and principles. As such it is essentially a members-only group: however membership is not necessary for the Joy of Meditation classes or the OM Healing, the only registration required being that needed to book course places; these sessions are public and freely open to all.

For those wishing to involve themselves in Centre activities beyond the introductory sessions, registration is required and there are two distinct levels: Associate and Member. Associate status is open to anyone who has attended the Centre and is effectively a trial membership; it is free and involves joining the email circulation list as well as giving access to the Dhyana Centre’s lending library and certain restricted-entry sessions. Full Member status is only open to those who have been through one of the Centre’s foundation courses and it also requires fellowship of the Theosophical Society for which a fee of £20 per calendar year is payable.

Associate: click here to download the registration form; please complete and return to the Centre. Alternatively you can register as an Associate by emailing a scan of the completed form. Once registered, there is no need to renew: those who continue to attend the Centre will in due course be invited to upgrade to Membership. Those who stop attending are automatically weeded from the register after a few months of inactivity.

Member: if you are interested in full Membership, please download and print the Theosophical Society application form (either as a Word document or PDF) and return to Alan Perry at the Centre with the appropriate TS fee. [Payment may be made by BACS to: Dhyana Centre  20-96-89  90581526 or by PayPal to: [email protected].  Cheques should be payable to ‘Dhyana Centre’.]


  • Both Associate and Member status are at the absolute discretion of the Centre and do not give a guaranteed right of access to any Centre functions.
  • Although registration as an Associate is necessary for regular attendees, Membership of the Centre is optional (ie. joining the Theosophical Society is entirely voluntary and not a requirement in order to be active within the Centre. It is perfectly acceptable to remain long-term as an Associate).
  • In certain circumstances, conditional Membership may be granted to those who have yet to complete the foundation course.
  • An inability to pay the Theosophical Society fee is not a bar to Membership of the Centre; those in financial hardship should mention that fact privately when submitting their application as there is a simple procedure within the Centre to assist those in difficulties.

Monthly programme by email

The Centre sends out a monthly programme to all its registered Members and Associates. If you are not registered but would like to be added temporarily to this mailing list, please email to that effect; you will then receive the Visitors & Enquirers programme for three or four months (after which you will automatically be removed from the list unless you have requested otherwise).