Reminder: renewal of DC membership 

 1st October 2019 – 30th September 2020

[This information was sent by email to all 2018/19 DC members on 8th September, followed by a reminder on 5th October to those who have not responded. A final reminder will be sent in early November].

Your membership of the Dhyana Centre/Theosophical Society expired at the end of September and I invite you to renew your subscription for another year. The cost remains at the concessionary level of £20 per annum (TS subscription is ordinarily £40), that being the levy the TS requires from the Centre for each member. There is no top up for the DC’s own funds which remain purely voluntary.

The TS has said that two members of a family living at the same address can claim back 50% off the second membership. For DC members, that means renewal costs £30 for the two.

Payment methods
Payments should go through the DC’s accounts (please do not pay the TS direct) and may be made in the following ways:

  • Online bank transfer to: Dhyana Centre 20-96-89 90581526 (use your surname as reference).
  • PayPal to [email protected] [please ensure that any transaction fee is paid by you as sender; alternatively add £1 to the sum remitted].
  • To me in person at the DC, cash or cheque payable to ‘Dhyana Centre’
  • Cheque by post to me c/o Dhyana Centre, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA

PLEASE USE AN ELECTRONIC METHOD OF PAYMENT IF YOU HAVE SUCH A FACILITY (ie. online banking or PayPal rather than cash or cheque). Whichever way you choose, you will receive an email receipt from me within two days – and if you don’t, please contact me because it means your payment has not been received.

Change of contact details
If your postal address or telephone number(s) have recently changed, please take this opportunity to update the record by emailing me the new details.

Non-renewal or lapse
I naturally hope you will wish to renew but if not, you can either notify me to that effect or simply wait until the cut-off date at the end of November when it will be assumed that you have resigned and your membership will automatically lapse. If I have not heard from you in the meantime, you will receive a second reminder in early November which you should ignore: you will automatically be removed from both the DC and TS email/postal databases from 1st December unless you have requested otherwise.


  • that an inability to pay is not a bar to membership. If this applies to you, please speak to me privately as there is a simple procedure within the Centre to help those in financial difficulty;
  • although one cannot be a full member of the DC without it, TS membership is NOT obligatory in order to take part in DC groups. If you would prefer to revert to Associate status (ie. lapse your TS membership but still attend DC functions), please inform me accordingly and I will arrange it.

Membership cards
DC/TS membership cards will not be issued for renewals as it has become apparent that very few people either use or want them. However, I will have a supply of blank cards at the DC in due course and can provide a proof-of-membership card for any member who would like one (please let me have your old card and I will update it).

Alan Perry