OM Healing is an ancient ritual from India that harnesses the power of the audible OM chant for the purposes of healing on all levels of being (primarily for the benefit of those in the group but there is also an ‘absent healing’ aspect). A technique that utilises this power was made public in 2007, the aim of which is to help the practitioner through the activation of his/her own self-healing capacities. It does not replace medical treatment or therapy nor does it offer any guarantee of beneficial results.

OM Healing remains suspended as it is assessed as a potential Covid super-spreader. However, we are currently assessing whether a trial event can go ahead now that the infection rate has significantly reduced. All subscribers will be notified if a session is planned.


An interesting article on the power of the OM chant can be viewed here.

This artist’s impression gives a clear representation of the OM Healing circle and the interactive energy flows involved (with acknowledgement to Bhakti Marga US).