Data privacy policy (GDPR)

The only data retained by the Centre are the contact details provided in writing by those wishing to register as Members, Associates, students or enquirers. These details are automatically weeded from the active database after a pre-set period of inactivity, and a similar weeding process is also conducted annually to remove inactive or invalid data. All registration data are held in an address book on a private computer database and securely stored on Apple’s US-based servers at All such data are used solely for the lawful purposes and administration of the Centre and will never be divulged to any third party without explicit authority. As a community service, the Dhyana Centre is strictly ‘non-trading’; it has no paid staff and no commercial links or financial connections of any type. Data held by the Centre are also separate from information held by the Theosophical Society in England, of which the Centre is a self-governing branch, but there is an occasional interflow of details regarding Centre Members who have also become fellows of the Theosophical Society.

Those registered may request to unsubscribe at any time and a link for this purpose is included in the footer of every circular email. Unsubscribing will entail immediate deletion of the data record for that subscriber.

Alternatively, those registered may request to view and/or amend their personal details. Any such request should be made by email to the Centre Director (Data Controller) at [email protected] and will be actioned within 7 days of receipt.

This website is hosted on UK-based servers by SiteGround and employs Google Analytics which records user information automatically and anonymously (with the data retention period set at the lowest level ie. 2 months). The Centre does not employ social media in any shape or form.

Last reviewed: 20th July 2021


The following notice was emailed to all subscribers on 25th April 2018:

“Data Privacy Policy (GDPR)

The long-awaited new privacy regulations come into effect on 25th May and the Dhyana Centre is as much subject to them as any other organisation that collects data. In actuality, the DC collects nothing more than the contact details of those who register with the Centre and these are automatically deleted anyway after pre-set periods of inactivity. Even so, the Centre is obliged to publish its Data Privacy Policy and you can read this online here.

The critical issues are transparency and the freedom to control your own data. Whatever contact particulars you have provided to the Centre will always be treated as confidential and you have the right to unsubscribe or view/amend/delete your data at any time. If you are receiving this email, you are on one of the Centre’s two distribution lists: Members & Associates or Visitors & Enquirers. There will always be an Unsubscribe option included in any circular that is sent out to either list (as you can see below). Under the legislation, I am defined as the Data Controller and you should contact me if you have any issues on the subject. That’s about it in a nutshell…

Alan Perry”